US 6 Slot panel install with backing mounts.

Installing the panels into the wider US 6 slot cab can have problems with the cutouts on the backing board so I include two supports to help with this.

secure the middle 4 as normal and then use the backing supports for the 1st and 6th panels which are slimmer than the other 4.




Secure the support to the backing board using the 4 middle screws.







Then screw the led panel to the support using the top and bottom screws.






All 6 panels 

1. Kit Install Overview

The basic idea of the LED kit is to replace the missing or faulty EL panels and MVS-ELA board in  Neo Geo cabinets.

The new control board can be setup for 2,4 and 6 slot games and connects to the MVS-ELA port on the side of the MVS 2,4 or 6 slot game board.

If you have the old cable you can still use this, or you can buy one with the kit.

1. Position the control board and secure it to the cabinet.

2.Align the panels to match your marquee.

3.Double check all connections and power up the game. The control board will run through a self-test and light up each panel in turn.

Once the system is running, only the panel for the game selected with light up.

That’s it. Tidy up those cables and enjoy your LED mini marquee’s.