New control boards are tested and working

Because of the global chip shortage I had to find alternatives to the atmega328p I was using and had to move over the surface mount.These have the same functions as the old ones so they still have the dimmer function. I also found some replacement chips for the credit display boards. I have enough for 30 kits including the led panels so kits can continue for the next few months.

US 6 Slot panel install with backing mounts.

Installing the panels into the wider US 6 slot cab can have problems with the cutouts on the backing board so I include two supports to help with this.

secure the middle 4 as normal and then use the backing supports for the 1st and 6th panels which are slimmer than the other 4.




Secure the support to the backing board using the 4 middle screws.







Then screw the led panel to the support using the top and bottom screws.






All 6 panels