Neo Geo MV-IC save game memory card repro.


10 boards are on order with 2 or 3 weeks delay.

Reproduction MV-IC card reader boards

Does not include audio cable or mounting bracket.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


10 boards are on order with 2 or 3 weeks delay.

These are reproductions of the original MV-IC memory card reader boards and also have the dual headphone sockets. At the moment these are my fully working prototypes and some have a nvram socket, but I recommend the nvram option is  not used until the next batch. Tested on a 4 and 6 slot with original PCMCIA cards and newer nvram cards too. The original had a metal bracket so I do not know how easy it will be to mount into your cabinet if that is missing.

Cables will be sold separate made to the length you require or you can source the one of the originals. 

PCMCIA save game cards are not included.

Mounting brackets are not included.

Audio cables are not included.