Information on the new LED mini marquee kit for the MVS 2,4 and 6 slot Cabinets.

El panels are expensive, can be hard to find, and the ELA boards can be damaged or removed and replaced  with a back light. The LED marquee kit replaces everything with an easy to install LED panel and new control board. Kits have been tested in-

MVS 2- Slot upright

MVS 4-Slot upright

MVS 4-Slot Big Red or Tall Boy

MVS 6-Slot.

MVS 2-Slot Goldie.


Panels can include the mini marquee holder if you do not have them in your cabinet.

How it all connects

A full kit will have everything needed and requires no mods to your existing harness.

Locate the Power Supply

This kit is compatible with Peter Chou, Hap Controls, Pesco and Hantarex power supplies.

Insert the 12v splitter

Or splice it with some automotive clips.

Connect the new Data cable

Or use the existing MVS-ELA cable

Place the new control board and connect data & power

Secure it to the cabinet in a location that will still keep it accessible for setting up the brightness

Line up the panels to match the marquee

Templates are available to help you.

use the coloured wires to id each panel

Make sure to keep the black and coloured wire for each panel together.

Operator removed the EL panels – no problem.

You might have a cabinet with no EL panels or ELA board, The LED kit replaces everything, including the data leads from the MVS. You just need to cut a new backing board for the LED panels and secure it into the marquee area. You can even set up one output to stay on so you can backlight the front marquee as well as the mini marquee.

Credit boards are also in development

Keep watch for news on the credit display boards.