Information on the new LED mini marquee kit for the MVS 2,4 and 6 slot Cabinets.

I have a new job so away from my workshop a lot and I need to take a break from making these kits. Kits are set to back order so you can order, but it will be at least a month before I make any after I finish the current outstanding kits. I hope you understand and thank you all so much for still buying these after all these years. Lee


El panels are expensive, can be hard to find, and the ELA boards can be damaged or removed and replaced  with a back light. The LED marquee kit replaces everything with an easy to install LED panel and new control board. Kits have been tested in-

MVS 2- Slot upright

MVS 4-Slot upright

MVS 4-Slot Big Red or Tall Boy

MVS 6-Slot.

MVS 2-Slot Goldie.

Panels can include the mini marquee holder if you do not have them in your cabinet.

Credit display boards and cables are now on the shop

MV-IC card readers are also now live

Please note shipping to EU destinations will have fees on top of the order value that you will pay to your local post office.

What is in a kit

Depending on your cabinet a standard kit will come with a new control board, led panels and mounting hardware.

Before you order have a look for the original ELA cable.

It will be plugged into the 8 way connector on the side of the MVS.

Line up the panels to match the marquee

Each cabinet will have it’s own style of panels, but all line up in the same way.
If you have the upright style or Goldie check the back of your marquee to see if you have the mini marquee holders that look like tape.