3. The Data Connection, MVS-ELA

Next we need to get the data from the MVS to the new control board. This is the 8 pin connection on the side of the mvs next to the two 13 pin connections for the credit displays. If you have this we can use it on the new kit, just follow it up into the back of the marquee and it should be connected to the old MVS-ELA board. Remove the old board and connect the wire to the 8-pin port on the new control board. Although it only used 6 wires at the MVS end the ELA lead end also has 5v (red) and ground (black) we want to make sure the black wire goes to the pin marked GND on the new control board.

If you do not have the original ELA lead you can buy a new lead with the kit. On both ends we want to make sure the black wire is to the left when connecting to the MVS and the new control board.

Secure this in place.